Top 10 jQuery Datepicker / Events Calendar Plugins

jQuery Datepicker plugins can be a highly useful tool when creating web form applications which require date or time input. They allow you to convert a simple text input element into a fully interactive calendar control. Not only do they improve the usability of your application they also maintain consistency by ensuring that each date is entered in the same format. Datepicker plugins can usually be implemented in a matter of minutes through a small amount of JavaScript. Most of them are designed in such a way that they are activated once the user clicks into the text box which is then re populated with the date in the correct format once it has been selected. jQuery events calendar plugins are also a highly useful tool when you want to display a listing of scheduled events within your application. jQuery events calendars can also be implemented in a matter of minutes and allow you to easily display upcoming events through the use an interactive calendar control.

There a lot of calendar and Datepicker plugins out there, each with varying levels of features and complexity, so to help you decide which one is the most suitable for your application I have compiled a list of my favourite 10. The list is open to suggestions so if you know of another Datepicker or event calendar plugin which you think should be included leave a comment below and I will review it for inclusion. When choosing which plugin is the most suitable for your application as well as considering which design is most suited to your site, it’s best to also consider how often the application is updated and how well it is supported.

1. jQuery UI Datepicker

The jQuery UI Datepicker is my personal favourite, jQuery UI (User Interface) provides a set of user interface interactions built on top of the jQuery library. Included within jQuery UI are a variety of different interactions useful for lots of different tasks, one of which is a Datepicker control. The Datepicker control is quite basic and does not allow for time input but it is highly reliable and well supported. jQuery UI has a few different skins available and each provides a different style to the control. If you do require time input you can expand the Datepicker using the timepicker plugin.

jQuery UI DatePicker

2. PHP Event Calendar {$12}

PHP Event Calendar is a full screen calendar used for the scheduling of events. The calendar uses PHP connected to a MySQL database to store events which are displayed through a jQuery lightbox.

 PHP Event Calendar

3. glDatePicker

glDatePicker is a lightweight plugin for jQuery, it provides a simple Datepicker control with easy customisation.


4. DZS jQuery Mini Events Calendar {$5}

DSZ provides a stylish mini events calendar, scheduled events appear in a tool tip styled window when a date is selected.

DSZ JQuery Mini Events Calendar

 5. Simple Events Calendar JS {$5}

Simple Events Calendar is an easy to use events calendar with a modern design and professional appearance. The calendar is well documented and contains advanced features such as recurring events scheduling.

 Simple Events Calendar

 6. Unobtrusive Date-Picker Widget V5

Unobtrusive Date-Picker is a JavaScript based Datepicker plugin which has been well tested and is updated on a fairly regular basis. Unobtrusive Date-Picker differs from other Datepicker plugins by the fact that it is fully controllable via the keyboard which makes it a good option for applications where accessibility is a primary concern. Version 5 comes with a strong feature set including support for over 20 languages making it an ideal choice for multi-lingual applications.

 Frequency DatePicker

 7. FullCalendar

FullCalendar is a jQuery plugin which provides a full sized events calendar with Drag and Drop capabilities and integration with Google Calendar.


8. jQuery.calendarPicker

jQuery.calendarPicker is a light weight jQuery Datepicker plugin, this plugin differs from traditional Datepickers by using a scrollable horizontal bar rather than the traditional grid layout. 


9. iCal-like Calendar with jQuery

iCal-like Calendar is a jQuery events calendar styled on the iPhone / iCal calendars, events are displayed in a tool tip styled box when the date is hovered over.

 i-Cal Calendar

 10. wdCalendar

wdCalendar is a jQuery based calendar which has emulated the design and functionality of Google Calendar.



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